Documentary Photography
Republican National
Convention NYC 2004

"RNC NYC " 30 Images

When The Republican National Convention arrived in New York, I had already been photographing Activists for almost ten years. I've seen all sorts of demonstrations, but this was a week long marathon that seemed to blur into one big march stretching from Brooklyn to Harlem.

While many New Yorkers were angered that the RNC was using New York as a stage to exploit the 911 tragedy, thousands turned out protest the policies of the Bush Administration.

On August 29th over 400,000 people marched on Madison Square Garden. However, the police presence was equally impressive, and there were over 1800 arrests that week. The police were

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often indiscriminate in the arrests sweeping up demonstrators, journalists, tourists and even an actor and a director who were shooting a film with a City permit.

This work revived and added significantly to my ongoing Activists project. In fact, it yielded enough material for its own gallery. When this work is combined with the previous work and the work that has not yet been presented, it will constitute a quite large body.

Pro-RNC counter demonstrators were far outnumbered by anti-RNC demonstrators and are proportionately represented in these images.

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